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Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Water Damage Restoration Service

Water damage is one of the biggest causes of structural and property damage when left unchecked. To protect your property from water damage, you will need professional restoration services. We offer water damage restoration to residents and business owners of Coconut Creek, Florida. Whatever the cause of water damage, from appliance and plumbing leaks to floods, hurricanes, and storms, we restore water damaged properties. We cater to both residential and commercial buildings, to individual homeowners and to agencies.

Our Water Damage Services in Coconut Creek, FL

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Coconut Creek offers a range of services all revolving around water damage restoration. Some of our notable services include:

  • Assessing water damage
  • Removing water from affected areas
  • Removing water damage consequences
  • Drying affected structures
  • Dehumidifying affected areas
  • Eliminating mold growth
  • Removing bad odors


How We Restore Properties after Water Damage

Our water damage restoration procedure follows all the industry standards. We use environmentally friendly materials and provide service listed below:

Assessing The Damage

The first thing we do is to inspect the extent of water damage in the building. Here, we can identify the severity of the damage, and determine the best way to proceed with the restoration.

Standing Water Extraction

We extract water from the affected areas using a high-powered vacuums and pumps that suck the water out. This process isn't enough to completely dry the property, but at this point, the affected areas should look different with the water gone.

Protecting Your Belongings

We make sure any of your belongings that haven't been affected by water are well protected. Where necessary, your belongings will be relocated until we are done with the water damage restoration.

Demolishing Wet Materials

Some materials may be unsalvageable and can only cause damage if left around. Materials like this are usually wet and drying such materials won't help, so, they need to be demolished. As part of our process, we demolish wet materials that can't be restored. We won't remodel or rebuild any affected areas, just salvage it, if possible.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Affected surfaces and materials are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This will help take care of bacterial growth or mold growth.


Air Drying the Structure

Water damage can cause structural damage, thus, the structure will need to be dried as well. For this procedure, air blowers are used.


We make sure that the humidity of areas affected by water damage is returned to normal levels. We use dehumidifiers and air purifiers for this process and afterward, the humidity should be normal. We use infrared imaging and moisture meters to check if moisture wasn't left behind walls.

Air Purification and Deodorizing

Water damage often leads to the air contamination and foul odors. Our procedure features testing property for mold infestation deodorizing, and sanitizing the air. For this process, we use air scrubbers and HEPA negative air units among other tools. By the end of this process, the water damage is gone and the area is safe once again.


After our work is done, we inspect the affected areas to see if there is further action needed. This inspection is usually done along with the client, to determine that the process was successful. Once both parties are satisfied with the restoration, our work is done.

Make the 1st Step for Water Damage Recovery

Water damage recovery is just one step away and its starts with a call to 754-336-3722. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Coconut Creek will handle water damage extraction, leaving your property in good condition. We are restoration specialists, capable of flood cleanup and restoration and specializing in efficient water damage removal. Contact the water damage restoration specialists today before it's too late.

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- J. Reynolds
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 754-336-3722
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