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Professional Mold Testing Services in Coconut Creek, FL

Mold grows in our homes and environment even though we don't want it there. Usually, mold will grow unseen but as time goes by, it starts to get more pronounced until you can see the mold. If you find yourself battling with unexplained headaches or allergies, then you may be facing a mold infestation. You will need to eliminate all traces of mold before you can restore normalcy to your home. To do that, you first have to test for mold to confirm its presence before you can proceed to eliminate it. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Coconut Creek offers mold testing services to residents of Coconut Creek, Florida, and its surroundings.


What is Mold Testing?

Mold testing or mold identification refers to the methods by which the presence of mold is discovered. The identification also involves the determination of the kind of mold and will usually provide information on the best way to get rid of the mold. Once you suspect the presence of mold in your home, you will need to hire experts to test and identify the mold in your home. Hippo Carpet Cleaning Coconut Creek offers mold testing services that are both fast and efficient and are only a call away. To offer superior availability for our customers, we work sometimes with O2 Mold Testing. They are licensed and certified to provide reliable and professional mold testing services.

Methods of Mold Testing We Employ

Different mold species have different appearances and smells, still identification can't be done with the help of visual mold inspection. There are multiple ways to test for and identify mold in the home and our experts are trained in all of them. The most notable methods of mold testing known are by testing air samples or by testing surface samples.

Mold Testing: Air Samples

Our experts know where to collect the samples to give meaningful and reliable results. There are many ways you can collect air samples of mold before proceeding to analyze the sample. The most used method, which our experts also employ is known as the spore trap.

The method is simple, as air samples are passed through an area with a sticky surface. The surface will then capture particles from the air and where mold is present, mold will be held by the sticky surface as well. The trap is sealed to avoid contamination and transported back to an independent lab. There, the surface is then stained and tested to identify the mold that is present in your home. There are other tests we can use to confirm the mold species but staining techniques are the most commonly used.

Mold Testing: Surface Samples

This method is used when the mold is physically visible and is suspected to be mold. Our experts are trained to safely extract a sample of the mold and transport it back to the lab to test it.


What Do We Do if You Have Mold?

Mold usually grows where there is water, so we check for leakages or areas that are moist and damp. To help us locate these sources of moisture, we make use of the latest technologies in mold testing and identification. This includes the use of mold detection devices like humidity meters and infrared imaging. Our team of mold experts offers mold detection services to those residing in and around Coconut Creek, Florida.

Black Mold Detection

Our mold specialists also provide testing services for black mold. Black mold testing is similar to regular mold. The main difference between black mold and regular mold is that black mold is more deadly and toxic. If you have reason to suspect that you have black mold in your home or office, contact us at 754-336-3722.

How Much Does Professional Mold Testing Cost?

The price for testing your home or business office for mold professionally is usually dependent on the process involved in testing for the mold. Each service that is needed comes with a different cost and the more you need, the more the process costs. Some of the factors that affect the total cost of mold testing include:

  • Number of mold samples that need to be collected
  • Rush service for results
  • Mold remediation protocol
  • Level of infection

Get Professional Mold Testing Service in Coconut Creek

If you are wondering whom to call for mold inspection and you live in or around Coconut Creek, Florida, simply contact Hippo Carpet Cleaning Coconut Creek. With us, you can get professional mold testing and inspection service in your area. Say goodbye to terrible smells, allergies, and pests, all with a simple call and schedule a consultation.

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- J. Reynolds
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 754-336-3722
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